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What people say

about our work

"A culture of mutual respect between the Spanish and English leadership has been created, and is rippling out to our congregations. We have done several things together including bi-lingual services and have plans to continue to participate together in other ministry venues. Margaret would be so proud of us. We are living into'Ubuntu' as brothers and sister in Christ unified in reaching our neighborhoods"

From a leader in a church outside Chicago

“You created a climate where people could admit and learn from errors without being personally judged or branded with guilt. You established an atmosphere of trust where people felt safe enough to discuss long-term hurts and fears, some of which had been underground for a decade or more. You prepared people to reconcile and equipped them for rebuilding. You gave them hope …”
Rev. Steve Washburn, Canton Massachusetts

" I found this process extremely helpful at all listening and being respectful can open up conversation. That it's worth taking the risk of being honest even when you don't know how it will be taken...that there is good process and we can learn to keep people feel safe enough to speak up"

Lisa Thwing from Northampton, Massachusetts. 

"What I learned about conflict

transformation while assisting Margaret, was that it consists of much more than a logical series of steps prescribed by a specific theory... I noticed when breakthroughs suddenly occurred in the most hardened conflicts in one community, how critical it was for her to always be connecting with every participant at a deep level, in order to perceive--or sense subliminally--those subtle, but key, shifts in the human spirit that were opening up pathways to forgiveness and reconciliation. "

Jim Ault, my husband and associate, is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, author and ethnographer, based in Northampton, Massachusetts

 "I greatly appreciate having had the experience of participating in the session which was conducted with grace, understanding, authority, empathy and included everyone."

Marilyn Moffett, Rhode Island

“She has a unique way of engaging her participants,” writes a Director of Training at the Department of Children and Families in the State of Connecticut, “moving them from a place of conflict and estrangement to a place of unity and collaboration.” 

Ted Carroll, President of Leadership Greater Hartford (LGH), Hartford, Connecticut writes ..."For more than

a decade, Margaret Keyser has provided training services to Leadership Greater Hartford, the region’s community leadership training organization. She has proven to be one of the most effective trainers with our participants citing her extraordinary insights and engaging teaching style as special gifts. Margaret has helped to transform the Hartford area in ways that have resulted in positive community change and more sustainable relationships among people of different perspectives."

A Palestinian woman who, on the first day of conflict transformation work led by Margaret with Palestinians and Israelis, refused to hear her enemies’ stories or share hers with them, observed profoundly at the end of their two days of agonizing work, “this process helped me find my humanity again.” 

"Through this process we opened like blossoms to each other in a stunningly lovely garden"

Denise Karuth from Northampton, Massachusetts

"Margaret has a unique way of engaging individuals and groups. We had the answers within us, but it took Margaret’s unique approach to conflict resolution, leadership, and deep commitment to creating a peaceful living environment in our communities in this great city of Hartford, Connecticut." Nate Jenkins from Hartford, Connecticut

"You have helped us create an environment without the hatred and animosity from before...we have for the first time in years learned how to communicate our different views and beliefs without the ongoing fights." From a leader in a New York City institution

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