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Conflict Transformation

Conflict Transformation

Conflict transformation is more than just fixing conflicts between and among parties. It is a multi-layered approach, involving different skills and an open mindset.

Opposing parties are guided in each other’s “feet”, to see, feel and experience the conflict from the other’s perspective.

Through this process different aspects of the conflict is revealed, leading to important breakthroughs on different levels. It allows for moments of truth telling, acknowledgement, understanding and forgiveness, all key elements in resolving the conflict and developing new and sustainable relationships.

What it involves

Deep listening

  • To be in the "feet" of the other
  • Listen without judgment

Finding common ground

  • Search for common concerns and common interests

Being open and willing

  • Being interested to know more
  • Being open for what you don't want to hear
  • Being open towards the opposition
  • Parties must be willing to work things out, despite the complexities of the conflict
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