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Special Initiatives

We work with diverse groups, spending periods of time with them, dealing with very difficult and divisive conflicts, and bringing them to a place of mutual understanding and a commitment to move forward in new, constructive directions. 

Moderate Voices for Progress

This 2005 project, was one among several, between 2003 - 2008, with young, diverse Palestinian and Israeli leaders, who made a commitment to come together for periods of three weeks, sharing their personal stories, learning about life estranged from one another; and developing important skills in conflict transformation to bring about their personal transformation and applying them back in their own context.

Other initiatives include:

  • Anti-racism work with the Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity and Justice.
  • A combination of intentional dialogue sessions, mediation sessions, and coaching of leaders with a number of clients, to bridge differences and address difficult conflicts.

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The Moderate Voices for Progress (MVP) mural, "Freedom" describes the situation where two people, an Israeli and a Palestinian, are walking away from the darkness of fear, violence, hopelessness towards the sun representing hope and freedom.

The sun casts its rays onto these two people, bringing light to them, leaving their shadows behind. The olive tree welcomes these individuals, its roots bursting the soil, indicating the strong ties both groups have with the land.

(Produced as a group project by the MVP participants, Hartford, September 2005. Facilitated and directed by Margaret Keyser)

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