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Important Resources in Conflict Transformation

Long Walk to Freedom

A must read for all those interested in leadership that transforms.

Former President Nelson Mandela describes in intimate details his life as a young boy growing up in his home town, his student years, activism, his philosophy on justice, freedom and reconciliation. Striking is his description of the importance of consensus in decision making, and how he learned from those before him.

This book is a reminder of the basic principles of great leadership in action...

Relationships are at the heart of conflict transformation, says John Paul Lederach in:

Building Peace:

Sustainable Reconciliation in Divided Societies by John Paul Lederach is a favorite reading in our library.

Other resourecs to consider

Shay McConnon and Margaret McConnon: Conflict Management in the Workplace, 3 Edition – How to manage disagreements and develop trust and understanding. August, 2008 Paperback

David W. Augsburger: Conflict Mediation Across Cultures, Pathways and Patterns: 1992, Westminster/John Knox Press Louisville, Kentucky.

Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen: Difficult Conversations, How to Discuss what Matters Most. 2000, Penguin Books, New York New York.

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