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We welcome you!

Bringing lessons from South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation process to the challenges of conflict, racial injustice and polarization in the world. Here we listen to all perspectives, with justice, fairness and human dignity as our core values.

Margaret Keyser, Founding Director

What people say about us

"Life changing!"

"Trainer has the best teaching style I have seen."

"I feel like I am leaving with a sense of change and desire to approach things differently."

We address these issues

  • Workplace conflicts
  • Leadership issues
  • Communication problems
  • Race and culture
  • and more...

At a glance

  • Mediation
  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Peace building strategies. Read on

Skills and Tools to help you! 

  • Listen for mutual understanding
  • Be "in the feet" of the other
  • Bring unwilling parties to the table
  • Facilitate difficult conversations
  • De-escalate conflicts
  • Move polarized parties towards common ground and understanding and more...
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